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Project Name

With Logos


Branding and Promotion


The Requirement

Withlogos deals in customization of products for various companies featuring their brands and logos. They came up with a requirement for their existing website to be upgraded to the latest version in NopCommerce with a modernistic design and layout for an enhanced user experience. They looked forward to automating the backend processing of the website such as upload of products & all its possible customizations with different pricing patterns, in such a way that it is hassle free and quick with minimal manual intervention, and much enhanced features for users. This had been a setback in their previous website which they wanted to get away with.

The Challenge

Though the wireframes and data flow of the entire website had been designed and finalized before the commencement of development, there had been serious challenges we faced during the execution of a few modules.

The major challenge been faced was the import of products with all its customizations, 50 images for each product, and their relation with the product colors that it should function in a way that product colors should be mapped to their relevant images during the import itself.

The conditional dependency of one attribute on another attribute option, such that selecting A as an attribute option display a set of attributes, while selecting B as an attribute option, displays another set of attributes, combined with some Custom Fee to be applied to certain attributes which will have a real time change in pricing, and on top of it, everything should be controlled by the admin, proved to be headbanging in the process.

The Solution

The team finally worked out the solutions to the problems going step by step, unwinding each loop. The import of products and their customizations were eased out with a definite format been decided with the client which is convenient enough for them to work upon, and a detailed instruction manual had been provided to them for reference. The product colors and the images were synced together in a fashion that the order in which the colors are added will sync with the order in which the images are added. This simplified the overall process.

In addition to the above, Custom settings had been created in the admin panel so now the admin can choose what attributes need to be shown in which case, and the Custom Fee has to be applied to what all attributes, which really helped them manage the store in a much better way.

The Result

With all these efforts been put, for the ease of administration coupled with an applauding user experience put forth a fully developed website which was a highly improved and enhanced version of the earlier website, and this exceedingly smooth user flow resulted in good numbers to the client.