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Project Name



Printers & Cartridges


The Requirement

Cardy Ltd is a firm dealing with Printers and Cartridges and wanted their existing website in NopCommerce to be upgraded to the latest version then, with a few enhanced features for a new category of Managed Printers they had come up with. They also wanted a multi store to be setup for their two other websites so that they all operate, sharing the same database of products.

The Challenge

The website had previously been developed in Nop version 3.3 with a lot of customizations been done to the default Nop structure, which had to be analysed and upgraded to the latest architecture, that took a lot of efforts and posed serious provocations during the development. The Managed Printers category that they had introduced was required to follow a completely different structure than the other categories on the website, and thus all the models and views had to be created afresh to suffice the new layout with specification filters to be configured as well, specific to this category.

Another requirement of enabling the users to have an entire category into their wishlist, which only applies to products in the default setup, also called for customizations to be done.

The Solution

Defining an approach for migrating the customizations before the actual execution helped us a long way during the integrations and development of the website. Custom models and views, extending the existing MVC controllers were created, with all the required features for the category of Managed Printers facilitating all the needed specification filters.

The default functionality for products to be added to wishlist, had been used and customized to work in a similar way for the categories to be wishlisted.

The Result

The website finally came out well, with all the required functionalities in place, as desired by the client, and a modern design outlook for a better user experience. It has been performing rewardingly ever since, enabling increase in sales and business growth.