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Project Name



Designer Boutique


The Requirement

Tengdahl, a Designer Boutique in Australia, had a requirement of getting their previous website redesigned with a modern and sleek design to showcase the ultimate standards of the brand, such that the website defines and entails the exquisite quality of the textiles delivered by them. An impeccable display of their dossier and their stories were what they yearned for.

The Challenge

Implementation of the ultra-modern designs been created for the website, with high end features, over an architecture of NopCommerce, proved to be a challenge in some areas where certain developments and customizations became indispensable to be done, to make them compatible with the older version of Nop.

The Instagram integration on the website, also took a troll, when its configuration files could not be compatible with the code architecture the website had been developed in. This integration had to be to entirely customized at our end as desired.

The Solution

The design implementation for all sections independent of customizations had been taken up in the initial phases, followed by a round of consequent development activities section wise to be completed and implemented with the design elements side by side, ensuring that the backend customizations remain intact.

The Instagram integration had been done by extending the code functionalities and controllers of default third party applications, available for NopCommerce, that aid in Instragram implementation.

The Result

The final product came out to be a beautifully designed website, with an elegant design which is pleasing to the eye. The designs by Tengdahl were showcased in an exquisite way, enhancing their brand visibility and conversions.