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Project Name

Ampec Technologies


Fastening Tools


The Requirement

Ampec Technologies came up with a requirement to get an online platform developed for selling their fastening tools, with a way to have this NopCommerce website link to their existing ERP for the latest products prices and stock. In addition to this, a simplistic tabular format for the listing of their products, each with downloadable datasheets, and an ease of purchase was what had been asked for.

The Challenge

The entire development process of the website went smooth but the only challenging unfolding was the real time syncing of the Microsoft Dynamo Nav ERP, with the website such that it stays updated with the latest prices of the products and their stock, at all times. All the Orders been placed on the website resulting into a decrease in the stock of products had to be carefully managed with the ERP whenever there is an order been processed at the client’s end. This was not all. It went crazy when the Offline orders been processed into the ERP which had no relation with the website, came into picture.

The Solution

Our techie nerds sat down to discuss the approach considering all possible scenarios of the challenge been faced. Ultimately, a Scheduler was configured on the website to trigger an API at regular intervals of time, which was meant to connect with the ERP database, check all possible scenarios and perform the necessary actions such as update of prices for the just the products been Last Updated in the ERP, increase or decrease in Stock, as applicable depending on the case.

After a series of tests been done, it finally was approved to be performing as desired.

The Result

The website came out as a fully developed, high performance application, with a great user experience and ease of administration. It has been drawing out great sales and conversions for the client, ever since, and has emerged as an integral entity of online sales for them.