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Project Name

Ankaa Rowing Shoes


Rowing Shoes Exports


The Requirement

Ankaa Shoe Exports had a requirement for a redesign of their existing website with a whole bunch of new features to be added for an enhanced user experience. The website was required to have varied set of different customizations that can be chosen for a product and addons that the user can opt for. Moreover, the client wanted to showcase a 360 degree view of each of the shoes been put on the website.

The Challenge

One of the challenges been faced during development was a requirement from the client to have different pricing showing up for the users from different countries, visiting the website, for which a geolocation API had been integrated, but which posed a limitation that it worked in a random fashion, depending on internet speed, good connectivity to the API server, etc. which was sporadic, and ultimately proved to a bottleneck.

Another revelation that we faced was to have an exact 360 degree view of the shoes, been portrayed in the best way so it works smoothly on the website and enables a great user experience.

The Solution

We could finally unravel the intermittent behaviour of the API been integrated and overcame it integrating not one but 3 geolocation APIs into the code, so if one doesn’t get connected to, the connection switches to the other one, and to the next, if the second also fails. On top of it, the issue connectivity was also figured out to be having problems with the server firewall which was also fixed and helped combat the entire complication.

In concern to the 360 degree view, images of the shoes were taken for every angle and been placed carefully in a proper pattern to assure a 360 view of the shoes to the user without any irregularities been faced.

The Result

A praiseworthy user experience and all the enhancements been done to the website finally bore fruit with increase in sales and a great brand value to the client.