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Webforms in Nopcommerce

If you are an asp.net programmer, then you must be well versed with webform pages. Webforms or, in particular asp.net web forms are actually one of the two programming models that are used by the programmers to create asp.net web applications. Web forms pages are written using the combination of HTML, server controls, and server code. Here we are providing some vital information on webforms in nopcommerce.

The Advantages and the Disadvantages of using the Webforms

Most asp.net developers prefer to use webforms style development for application development because the components (the Page class, controls, and so on) are tightly integrated and usually require less code. The framework based on webforms offers the following advantages to the asp.net developer:

  • It supports an event model that preserves state over HTTP, which benefits line-of-business Web application development. The Web Forms-based application provides dozens of events that are supported in hundreds of server controls.
  • It uses a Page Controller pattern that adds functionality to individual pages.
  • It uses view state on server-based forms, which can make managing state information easier.
  • It works well for small teams of Web developers and designers who want to take advantage of the large number of components available for rapid application development.
  • Webforms based development is less complex for application development, because the components (the Page class, controls, and so on) are tightly integrated and usually require less code than the MVC model.

Disadvantages of Using Webforms

It is for certain that the applications are developed faster using webforms; however when it comes to extensibility and testability webforms are quite difficult to manage. This is why some nop programmers may feel that the move of nopcommerce to MVC is the single most important thing when it comes to nopcommerce technology.

Webforms in Nopcommerce

Webforms in nopcommerce is a complex subject. The new version of nopcommerce (starting from nop 2.0 to present) is based on MVC. If nopcommerce is to continue to be the number one open source .NET shopping cart, then this move was entirely necessary. While nopcommerce was a webforms based application, extensions and themes in a project were not possible or were difficult to implement.

All the new features of nopcommerce will be available or compatible only with MVC architecture, not the webforms. So, any nopcommerce user who wishes to use webforms framework cannot use the nopcommerce latest version and only install the 1.9 version of nopcommerce. You will find that there is quite a large number of coders who are quite comfortable only with using the webforms in nopcommerce.

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