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Jobtraq integration in Nopcommerce

If there is one thing that is stifling for the creativity of the IT workforce of today is the repetitive tasks that managers have to perform daily on matters such as assigning and monitoring recurring tasks. These low value tasks although are imperative for the critical compliance of operations, can be very time consuming. This is where jobtraq comes in. We are attempting to educate Nopcommerce readers with useful information on jobtraq integration in nopcommerce.

Jobtraq integration in Nopcommerce and other applications

The Jobtraq application is an Enterprise-Grade Task Management Software and Workflow Management Software that is meeting the needs of organizations of all sizes. This application was developed in the year 2001 as a flagship task management software product. It was developed to fulfill the needs of several IT services and consulting firms that were looking for a powerful task centric solution.

Jobtraq integration in nopcommerce can be easily integrated with nop based applications and portals. There are many clients worldwide in all spheres that have successfully deployed this advanced application into their business. To name a few of the top companies that have integrated this application into their work include NASA, Fifth Third Bank, NIST, TOTAL Oil and Gas, MiSWACO, Constellation Energy, Alterra, the University of Florida, AutoZone, ITT, and many others in the energy, financial services, government, and service sectors. The integration of jobtraq with other applications is important due to the following reasons:

  • JobTraQ automates the definition, delegation, and distribution of tasks, and makes work more visible, searchable, and accountable.
  • JobTraQ accelerates team performance with proven gains through recorded business metrics, tracked time, attached files, a detailed audit trail, and intuitive mobile, email and web-based user interfaces, which are easily customized for dynamic teamwork.
  • JobTraQ makes your workers and managers more organized, productive, and effective by providing an intuitive and enjoyable user interface to track tasks, notify collaborators, and automate routine work.

Jobtraq integration in Nopcommerce – How to do it?

Jobtraq integration in nopcommerce or for a better term let’s say hosting can be done on any website. Our company too had hosted jobtraq application for several of the dnn and nopcommerce client’s sites. For nopcommerce client, we had placed a dynamic link on the client’s web site so that when a user clicks on the link, a web application or web page is loaded in a popup window. This dynamic links can pass information from the Jobtraq task to the external application, which allows administrators to create very complex and useful interactions between Jobtraq and nopcommerce website.