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Optimization and Maintenance

Nopcommerce Performance optimization

Your website performance plays a great role in your e-commerce store’s conversion rate. We thoroughly optimize the numerous onsite aspects such as javascript, user interface, 3rd-party tags, CSS and structured data markup and decrease the loading time of the NopCommerce page to enhance the usability and functions of your website, boost traffic and increase click-through rates. You may have a well-designed NopCommerce site with exclusive customized functions, but you still require the speed to be actually fast to track Google speed standards and fulfill the customers’ expectations. We are competent in optimizing the page speed of the website, enabling minimal loading speed and better performance. We provide highly expert nopcommerce performance optimization for your ecommerce store.

Hosting and Server Maintenance

Top Nop is highly skilled in providing nopcommerce hosting solutions. We are currently hosting several eCommerce websites, intranet, and nopCommerce custom CMS. We are specialized in lead generation, e-commerce hosting and custom websites with years of experience. Safeguarding our clients’ data, optimizing performance and guaranteeing high accessibility are our major priorities when working with you. Our expert and dedicated servers are thoroughly managed in hosting flair, with the great standard performance following stringent control and compliance necessities so that you can get the best nopcommerce hosting solutions for your site.

NopCommerce Maintenance services and support

Top Nop offers high-quality website maintenance and support solutions, with distinct SLAs as per the work priorities. Our services will make sure that you only emphasis on your main business and we take care of the rest. As a professional, we would run and maintain the site performance and uptime, data, upgrade, response time, backups, security, business continuity and marketability of the store. We help your website stay updated and well informed with the latest changes, have the least downtime with excellent NopCommerce Maintenance services.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important component of a business’s online presence, it also plays a major role in reaching to potential customers and engaging present ones. In our nopCommerce SEO feature, we have localizable URLs, Sitemap, Microdata, Google Analytics integration, Search engine friendly layouts, Breadcrumbs, URL Canonicalization for the best support. For that reason, we ensure a high visibility of nopCommerce websites. Also, search engine optimization of nopCommerce offers the owner of an online store with higher search rankings drawing more visitors and free traffic to the site. We practice NopCommerce oriented SEO guidelines for better results for your website on all search engines.